Heavy Duty Towing – Only By Towing Westminster’s Professionals

Different vehicles have different purposes and advantages. While private cars are compact and easy to get around with, larger vehicles can carry greater weights and perform other, more complex tasks. However, as great as larger vehicles may be, when it comes to towing them – they pose a unique challenge that should not be taken lightly.

Advantages of Towing Fountain Valley

Whenever larger and heavier vehicles are involved, ordinary towing equipment and techniques should never be used. Such towing equipment can cause more harm than good, and will more likely than not fail in completing the towing task. When it comes to vehicles such as busses, trucks, 4X4s, SUVs, motor homes, RVs, heavy machinery, and the like, only heavy duty towing equipment should be used, and only certified and professional technicians should be called.

When you call Towing Westminster you know you have made the best choice relying on these substantial benefits:

24/7 availability: our dispatch center is always staffed. No matter when you need us one of our operators will be here, waiting to take your call and send help your way. This way, you know you’ll have someone to rely on in your time of need.

30 minutes ETA: we appreciate the fact that your time is precious. In todays hectic pace of living every minute counts. That is why we hold several fully staffed and fully equipped crews on call – to get to you within 30 minutes and allow you to get on with your day.

Professional technicians: in order for you to get the best possible long term solution we hire only the best technicians out there. We make sure they are certified and experienced. This way we can offer you a quick and professional solution.

Towing Fountain Valley – related roadside emergency services

Besides of professionally taking care of car battery trouble, our expert team of technicians will gladly assist you with the following:

  • Extensive towing services (dolly, flatbed, and the like, local & long distance, medium & heavy duty)
  • Car lockouts and out of gas
  • Flat tires